Do You Need a Kindle Instructions Manual?

If you're looking for the Kindle instructions manual online, chances are that you're a new user and still learning to use your Kindle. The Kindle has some brilliant features for you to discover, and once you know how to find your way around you'll love it!  The good news is that help is only a few clicks away, and you can even download the kindle instructions manual as a .pdf file.

You will need to use the following url at Amazon to access the instructions manual: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200317150

This site includes various guides for the different types of Kindles, and will give you tips and advice on how to use and care for your Kindle.  If you're pressed for time, try downloading the file instead of viewing it on your computer. This makes it easy to reference the material, and you could even transfer it onto your Kindle to read.  The quick start guides can also be useful if you're in a hurry, and do not have the time to sift through heaps of information.

If you have trouble downloading the guides, try right-clicking on the link and select 'save target'or 'save link as'. If you're having technical issues with your Kindle you can also try the handy trouble shooting section to diagnose any issues you're having with your Kindle eBook reader.

Amazon is making Kindle users' lives a little easier, and with this easy-to-navigate page you'll quickly and easily find the guide you're looking for!

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