Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy fashion disasters

Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy fashion disasters are often the subject of hurtful media scrutiny. Initially, the 32-year old celebrity had a hard time adjusting to impending motherhood and was often caught in ridiculous-looking outfits. Let us take a look at all these famous fashion faux-pas and see how the American socialite eventually managed her dressing style.

Pregnancy and fashion

Kim had difficulties finding the right maternity clothes often showing up in unconventional clothes. The media has been unrelenting in following Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy fashion disasters since the announcement the celebrity and boyfriend Kanye West are expecting their first child.

  • Latest attire

The expecting mother showed up recently for lunch with friends wearing jeans and a see-through camisole that highlighted her baby bump. The outfit was topped off with black stilettos. Kim has a penchant for heels saying she prefers them over flat shoes. Her hair was in an updo and bright red lipstick adorned her face.

  • Kourtney’s birthday party

This is not the only occasion where Kim wore jeans. She also donned on a pair of ripped/faded jeans when she attended sister Kourtney’s birthday party at a bowling alley. A matching black shirt and figure-hugging blazer completed the outfit and the ever present stilettos adorned her feet.

  • Hot-air balloon

Kim's outfit was also compared to a hot-air balloon when she showed up at a church service wearing a pink maxi dress. Unfortunately, a gust of wind inflated her dress making her look like a huge blob.

  • 'Flying nun'

She was also caught wearing an all-white ensemble that made her look wider and bigger. The long flared jacket did not help at all.

  • Unappealing

Perhaps, one of the most ridiculous if not unsightly outfits Kim wore was the black lace cutout top she wore under a black blazer exposing her pregnant belly. It completely ruined a perfectly chic blazer-denim combo.

  • Other occasion

The star of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was also seen in a tight sleeveless, below-knee green dress with matching peep-toe sandals flaunting her bulging baby bump.

Maternity fashion blues

Despite being criticised for gaining a lot of weight, Kardashian seems to have finally come to terms with her condition and body. Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy fashion disasters are nearly things of the past. She recently showed up with Kanye wearing a chic black dress that clearly outlined every curve of her growing body. To her credit, Hollywood Life calls her style, showing ‘sexy skin’ while Huffington Post said outfits help make pregnancy look good. Do you agree?

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