Killy ski wear is hot to trot this ski season.

Not only right up there in the world of technical ski wear Killy ski wear is also consistently on the best seller list proving that it really is considered to be the best.

The brand was founded in 1976 by Jean Claude Killy, a gold medallist in the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Games who saw that there was a need for an affordable yet Olympic standard range of ski wear and equipment for men and women. The brand aimed, and achieved, to be ground breaking interms of style and wearability embracing the concept of reversible clothing and detachable parts. As a result, Killy ski wear is seen to be a trail blazer for modern ski clothing and year after year the ranges are met with enthusiasm.

The Killy website www.killy.com is without doubt the best place to peruse the new seasons ski wear and find a retailer. Snow+Rock are stockists in the UK who have outlets across the country and who will be able to order the item that you are after if it is not in the shop. For those further north, Whitestone are the retailers in Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

Typically you should expect to pay around £400 for a ski jacket by Killy. Both Snow+Rock and Whitestones have websites where you can browse through the stock of Killy ski wear and see what takes your fancy. You may be able to order some of it online too although nothing quite compares to going into the shop to try the different items on and see what suits you and fits the best.

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