Killer Aliens on a catwalk near you

The fashion world was left gasping recently with the news that Posh Spice has swapped her skyscrapers for ballets. But was the poster-girl for all heels insanely difficult to walk in too hasty? We mean, ditching her love of heels right when the momma of all heels has hit the catwalk....

And when we say the mother of all heels, put it this way, it makes us wince even thinking about squeezing our bunions into a pair of Alexander McQueen's Armadillo and Alien shoes. The 12 inch high spikes debuted on Paris catwalks in spring 2009 with the collection set to hit shops in spring/summer 2010. Only one celebrity has been whacktastic enough to don them so far; fashion show-off Lady Gaga who wears a pair of Aliens in the video for Bad Romance (see below).

Alexander, darl - we love you but these are the ugliest shoes we've ever had the pleasure not to covet. What were you thinking?

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