Kid's snow boots clearance - treat those little feet!

Kids snow boots clearance sections won't be too easy to find right now as the temperatures drop still further! The best time to buy snow boots at clearance prices is once the snow is gone for the year! If you weren't that far ahead of the posse, and you didn't stock up on winter essentials in June, don't worry because there are still great deals to be had online right now.

Outdoormegastore.co.uk currently have a selection of very reasonably priced snow boots for kids and if you spend over £100 on your order, then delivery within the UK mainland is free. Canadian style snow boots will cost you only £19.99. These boots are long lasting, durable and waterproof. There is a difference between water resistant and waterproof footwear so always read the specs before committing to buy!

There's also the longer length snowboots that feature a polythene membrane to keep them totally waterproof and these boots come in a variety of colours so they can be bought for either boys or girls. These boots are slightly more expensive at £24.99 but they will see your child through the winter in comfort.

If your little one is style conscious then maybe the £39.99 Olang Heidi snow boots are an option. These boots look similar to Ugg style boots, they have a moulded foot shape and feature faux fur covering and leather look lace loops! Not only do they have a fashionable exterior but they come fully lined with fleece inserts.

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