Keep the little hands warm in kids ski gloves

If your child is about to take their first turn on the nursery slopes, you'll want to make sure they are comfortable. Even if you are just anticipating another snowy winter, kids ski gloves are ideal for sports, snowball throwing, or just daily wear to school.

The Extra Warm Thermal Padded Ski Gloves with Palm Grip from Universal Textiles are versatile and smart looking gloves. They are water resistant, flexible and not too bulky, with a lovely fleecy lining for extra warmth. Amazon (amazon.co.uk) has some colours at £4.95, discounted from the normal price of £6.30-£9.99.

The Spindrift Allez-Oop Ski Gloves have an elasticated wrist for secure wear. They are 100% waterproof and breathable, with reinforced palms. You can clip them together, to avoid those moments when kids come home with just one glove. They cost £13.99 a pair.

The Ski Thinsulate Lined Warm Winter Thermal Snow Gloves GC38 by Socks Uwear are specially designed for girls, in that vivid shade of pink that is irresistible to small children. These are great for general winter wear, easy to clean and waterproof. Amazon has them at £5.99.

For those who like to spend long hours in the great outdoors, the insulated Kids Ski Gloves from Mountain Warehouse (mountainwarehouse.com) are snowproof, with textured rubber palms, reflective piping, and fleece lined. They come in 8 colours, including 2 shades of girly pink, and a more restrained grey. Take the chance to kit out the family with the current offer of 2 pairs for the price of one at £16.99.

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