Where to buy a Kenzo jumper

Kenzo, the Paris based fashion house, is a high end brand of clothes and accessories for both men and women, which has often hugged the limelight for their fashionable and trendy merchandise. With the cold about to set in, it’s time to grab a Kenzo jumper for that stylish and warm look this season.

Styles of Kenzo jumper

A few of the catchy styles of Kenzo this season include jumpers in different designs such as the:

  • Checked jumper – soft alpaca wool is the main composition of this garment in black and white plaid.
  • Cotton knit jumper – perfect for warmer days when all you need is something light to protect you from the chill. You can choose from cable twist jumpers in mohair or a fringed jumper with delicate embellishments. This year, Kenzo also released the Kenzo Tiger Embroidery Sweater which is a big hit.
  • Pullover – this woollen jumper has a V-neck you can easily slip in and out making it convenient when layering clothes. They are available in a multitude of colours or as plain or print jumpers.

Where to buy

The official website (kenzo.com) of this LVMH-owned retailer is a useful site to stop by if you want the complete list of Kenzo retailers all over the world. Kenzo’s e-shop also carries the latest collections.

Browns (brownsfashion.com) is one of online merchants selling a Kenzo jumper and at this moment, there are discount sales on these items if you are not willing to pay full price. You can also pick up a Kenzo jumper at any of their flagship stores.

Other online retailers include Boutique 1 (boutique1.com), Farfetch (farfetch.com), Harvey Nichols (harveynichols.com), and Liberty (liberty.co.uk). eBay, the auction site, also sells a few pieces of Kenzo jumper.

Should you get one?

A Kenzo jumper is a coveted piece of garment that is not only high in quality but also carries timeless designs. Notwithstanding the hefty price tags (£155-500) of these items, you’ll have both fun and comfort while wearing a Kenzo jumper suitable for formal and casual occasions. From simple designs with the Kenzo logo to woollen jumpers, print cardigans, and cotton sweats, everything is just functional and elegant.

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