Kelly's blonde ambition

Kelly Osbourne continues her ascent to superstardom with the announcement that she will become the new face of Madonna and Lourdes' fashion label, Material Girl.

According to the Telegraph, Madonna has been searching for a new model since the start of the year and, in a truly democratic manner, posted a message on the Material Girl website asking fans for their top celebrity choices. Two years ago we would have been very surprised by the choice of Kelly Osbourne, but since she moved back to the states, got a Mulholland Drive-esque blonde bombshell makeover and front row invitations to all the major fashion week shows, it all becomes so much clearer. Plus, of course, she famously(ish) covered 'Papa Don't Preach' on her solo album all those years ago, which must get brownie points from Madonna HQ.

A spokesman for Material Girl said: 'We've had a long time crush on Kelly and featured her as one of our 'cool peeps' over the summer. We are so thrilled'. Kelly duly returned the gushing praise, saying: 'To be thought of as an inspiration in that way is brilliant. I hope little girls look up to Lourdes because she doesn't dress too grown up and she always looks so stylish.'

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