Kelly Hermes: a magical bag

As well as 'sister' bag the Birkin, French fashion house Hermes has produced one of the most coveted fashion bags of the century: the Kelly Bag. Named after Grace Kelly (film star and ex Princess of Monaco) the Kelly Bag is the type of wardrobe staple which will never drift out of fashion.

Celebs love them. The Sex and The City girls clutch them; Victoria Beckham flaunts hers at every photo op. The bags come in five sizes and four materials: crocodile, alligator, ostrich-skin or plain leather. A tiny padlock on the clasp is the distinguishing mark and once which has been copied by other bag makers since time immemorial.

The bags are handstitched, stretched and dyed from the finest materials, and thus cost A LOT. As in thousands.

Sorry gals, magical fashion items don't come cheap.....

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