Kelly Brook bikini range 2011 - time to turn up the heat!

Kelly Brook bikini range 2011 can be found in all major New Look stores or on the New Look website.

Kelly Brook has been collaborating with New Look to produce a range of timelessly elegant beachwear. This range consists of very feminine 2 piece outfits that have more than a touch of movie star class.

Pink and black feature strongly in this seasons collection and the shape is all about accentuating a womanly figure. playful ruffles tempt and tease while the pink gingham style bikini highlights a sexy cleavage.

This collection can be worn by anyone as there is a style to suit all shapes. As there is both playful and classy elements to this range, it can be worn by all ages. Halternecks balance wider shoulders while giving definition to the cleavage area and high cut bikini bottoms show off toned legs. There are also more generously cut bottoms with micro skirts attached for those that are more body conscious. As the colours are so on trend, many cover ups will also work well while on the beach or lounging beside a pool.

The bikinis themselves can be mixed and matched creating a variety of looks and you can expect to pay, on average, around £28 for a matching top and bottoms.

However New Look does have regular sales and the prices decrease dramatically so it's always a good idea to keep an eye both on the website and on your local store if you're interested in buying one of the Kelly Brook bikini range 2011.


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