Keep your feet dry with Dunlop wellington boots

Wellington boots are best used for working conditions. Also known as the rubber boots, its PVC material serves as protection from mud and grime, harmful chemicals, and more. It became a huge success ever since the Wellington boots were popularised by the 1st duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley. This pair is quite comfortable and perfect for the upcoming winter.

The Dunlop Wellington boots may be the most famous brand of rubber boots. If you look into the official website www.wellingtons-direct.co.uk , a basic pair costs around £10 but a Dunlop Purofort Full Safety can be purchased for £70. It comes in an oil resistant outsole, steel toecap and available in both green and black colour. Check it out for special offers and holiday sales.

For more designs and colours, you can also take a look at www.easy-wellies.co.uk. This site offers a wide selection of Wellies and a next working day delivery. Dunlop Wellington boots are selling at discounted prices and even fashionable rubber boots for women are available on the website. Children’s wellington boots can easily be purchased for a discounted price of £9.95. It is available in sizes 10-6 just for the little ones who like jumping in puddles. It will surely keep their feet dry and has a cushioned insole to keep them warm as well.

If, however, you’re not a big fan of black or grey colours, there is a wide selection of funky wellingtons available on the website. This is for the ladies and little girls out there who need colourful wellies to match their outfits. They come in spots and swirls, leopard prints, flower and butterfly designs. Check it out!

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