Katy Perry All-in for Adidas Women

With an advertising slogan of ‘adidas is all-in’, could the sports clothing maker have hired anyone more appropriate to carry that message than Katy Perry? In her latest adverts the flamboyant star shows that exercise can be fun and sexy. The ‘I Kissed a Girl’ singer bares her midriff whilst dancing with backing dancers to advertise the adidas women range.

Katy Perry for adidas women isn’t a collection by the ‘Teenage Dream’ star, but a statement matching her attitude and appeal. The garments she wears in the advert are things that appeal to her so will appeal to her fans. She describes them as ‘cartoonish and pop-rock’ or ‘cute and adorable’.

In the adverts she’s seen wearing a pair of bright pink tracksuit bottoms whilst she shows off her moves. She is also wearing a blue and pink sports bra and pink trainers with blue laces.

Although she’s dressed for the gym, she looks as though she’s ready for a party. Her hair is down and falling across her shoulders and her face is made-up.

The latest advert from the sports brand also features the Staatsballett Berlin ballerinas, DJ Baby G and tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.

The Collection

Aside from the reversible sports bra and Fluid Trainer Varsity shoes seen in the advert, the adidas for women collection features items used in publicity stills with Katy Perry such as the Iconic Windbreaker. Other gym equipment including a tank top, an all-in-one training overall and a hooded jacket are also featured in the range.

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