Gown on the downlow

It was the ultimate surprise that had thousands upon thousands of English designers speculating publicly and privately and kept millions around the world eagerly waiting in suspense for the Big Day itself when Kate Middleton would reveal her wedding dress. It was a secret well kept and indeed, even the team that was creating the dress had no idea of its intended wearer.

In order to keep things as private as possible, Buckingham Palace officials had senior members of UK designer Sarah Burton's team sign confidentiality agreements, whilst much of the work on the now globally-acclaimed dress was done within the Palace itself, Vogue Online reveals.

Also, in order to prevent Burton's other colleagues from spilling the royal beans, 'lace-makers working with Sarah Burton on the dress were told that the lace was actually for a dress for a British period drama.'

Thankfully, the team managed to hold on to their secret and Kate was able to finally reveal all on her special day, which included wearing a blue ribbon added to the lining of her dress as her something blue.

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