Kate's sea-faring honeymoon

Kate Moss's three-day wedding has finally drawn to a close, with the supermodel heading off on her honeymoon with Jamie Hince. But it's no Marbella package deal for Moss, she's been given Philip Green's yacht for a jaunt around the Med.

Meanhile, more stories are leaking from pals who attended the wedding. At one point during the epic bash, Kate jumped into the pool at her Cotswolds home in her Galliano wedding dress. According to The Sun, 'There was a round of applause as she swam around.'

Other crazy antics also involved a flower fight, with one guest giving us this tipbit, 'Kate flew in 80,000 white roses for the wedding. Guests got a bit carried away once the booze kicked in and started lobbing them at each other. A rosefight kicked in. Everyone was in stitches.'

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