Kate's bling

We always want everything Kate Moss ever wears, and her collaborations with Top Shop made that almost achievable (if you could fight through the queues), so we’re very excited to hear that she is working on her own line of jewelery, according to Fashionista.com.

The trendsetting supermodel is well practiced in the art of fashion and accessories design with countless collections for Top Shop and a handbag collection for Longchamp under her belt, but this will be her first high-end range with prices starting at a slightly gasp-making €350.

Apparently Moss’ collection will be inspired by her many tattoos, so expect lots of anchors, hearts and moons on chains, crafted out of precious stones. We’d also love a ‘I Love My Mum’ necklace but something tells us Kate’s a bit too classy for that.

This collection is definitely not aimed at Kate’s Top Shop following, with prices going all the way up to €35,000. The line will go on sale on October 1st at LVMH jewellery line Fred in France and on its online shop www.fred.com.

If, like us, you don't have that kindof cash lying around right now, you could always print off a picture of the collection from WWD's sneak peak gallery and maybe leave them lying around for your friends and family to pick up on? Christmas is only round the corner, after all...

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