Kate Winslet in Alexander McQueen to receive her CBE

We love Kate Winslet. It must be her impeccable style, simple yet elegant, or her femininity, but we simply adore her. When we heard she was going to be honoured with the title of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire CBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, we couldn't be but delighted for her. And couldn't wait to see “the dress”.

The “Titanic” actress was awarded her CBE title on the 21st of November for her “services rendered to drama” and her contribution as an actress, as well as an active supporter of numerous charities. Despite refusing to conform to Hollywood's size-zero trend, Kate has been able to reach stardom thanks to her talent, strong personality and out of the ordinary charisma. The actress has always been proud of her curvy figure and always felt strong about plastic surgery.

Who wouldn't be proud? The 37-year-old actress looks amazing and her sense of style is growing with her age. Her love-affair with designer labels started early in her career, but wasn't until 2001 at the Golden Globes that suddenly she found her way through the fashion jungle. Her signature style was born: long, figure wrapping dresses to emphasise and celebrate her gorgeous curvaceous body.


For the royal occasion Kate has chosen to wear a creation by the late British designer Alexander McQueen. The English Rose was looking stunning in black peplum blazer with satin finish on the neck-line and black pencil skirt accessorised with a magpie-inspired fascinator by Natalie Ellner and black court shoes.

We are not too sure about the fascinator, but Kate has actively collaborated with Ellner to create the unique piece, which implemented elements of Art Deco with details of McQueen's two-piece dress and feathers. The designer stated the creation was made to reflect Kate's personality and also added that she already collaborated with the actress, to produce a series of animal-themed hats for the whole family to wear at a private event in summer.


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