Kate Moss for Mango spring/summer 2012

Kate Moss speaks for Mango spring/summer 2012 collection revealed early this year. Now it is official that the ageless Moss is the new face behind the ad campaign of the Spanish retailer’s collections.

Mango is known for classic and timeless pieces from flowing suits and dresses to casual tops and bottoms. There is something of everything in the collection including fashion accessories. Mango caters to a younger, eclectic set.

Kate was chosen to represent the brand because of her worldwide fame and classy image. “It’s important that she is a fashion icon who is famous worldwide and widely recognized,” said a spokesperson for the Spanish retailer in an interview by WWD.

The retailer is not sceptical of hiring Moss to run its ad campaign this season stating that,“Kate Moss was chosen as the image of Mango because she is a world-famous fashion icon, making her one of the most sought-after models in the fashion world. She had a turbulent past, which she has put behind her to continue being a supermodel, and has recently married and become a mother. After two decades appearing on catwalks worldwide, she has demonstrated that she is the top model par excellence.”

Terry Richardson, the American photographer is in charge of the photo shoots. A 32-second video ad called, 'Spy Game', was made featuring the supermodel posing for the cameras in refreshing and cooler Mango outfits. These include pastel shorts paired with a knit top, a classic white blazer and tunic, slim black pants, and a chic black dress with white trims cinched with a belt.

As the catchy song in the video goes, “Spy me. Inspire me.” Indeed, we are inspired by what we see on the screen as well as the choice of Mango outfits.

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