Kate Moss for Longchamp

All those who think Kate Moss looks like Kathy Beale please stand up. Okaaay. Now sit right back down. She might bare the briefest resemblance to the ex 'Tenders star when out on the guzzle but we've got news peeps: Kate Moss is still smoking hot.

Take her appearance at the Paris Ritz last night. She was there to launch her Kate Moss for Longchamp bag collection and she stole the show. Her outfit was bang on. The cropped white jacket was elegant and playful; the knicker-skimming lace dress, seductive, and the grey hair? Even that was fabulous. (Ok, not quite, but it will be soon enough.)

And Kate's Longchamp bag range? DIVINE. Check out the video below. Hands off the zebra print clutch.

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