Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to close 2012 Olympics

London is abuzz this year playing host to the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Just when we thought we heard everything about the much-talked upcoming London Olympics, the Closing Ceremony is already set. There are rumours that Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell will close the Olympics. Rosie Huntington will also join the two 80’s supermodels. As traditions dictate, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics are something to look forward to. The excitement builds when the games start and during the Closing Ceremony, a sense of relief, accomplishment, and celebration prevails.

Kate Moss is the British model turned designer. She recently headed the spring/summer collection for Mango. Who hasn’t heard of supermodel Naomi Campbell? The British-born celebrity is currently involved in several projects while Huntington is the latest Victoria Secret model.

Why Moss and Campbell? According to the organizers of the Closing Ceremony, the aim is to show the best of British 'creativity and innovation' in the fields of fashion, art, and music. British designs, products, and personalities have made their marks around the world. This is exactly what will happen when we see the 3 models parade gorgeous creations from highly acclaimed British designers, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. Other performers expected to grace the occasion are Sirs Paul McCartney and Elton John.

Traditional activities highlighting the ceremony include passing of the torch to 2016 Olympics host, Brazil as well as extinguishing the Olympic flame, signalling the end of the games. With the participation of around 10,500 athletes expected to compete in the games and attend the Closing Ceremony, this is one show that will go down the annals as an unforgettable and memorable occasion.

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