Kate Moss: 25 years of being an icon

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Fashion icon and modern muse Kate Moss just turned 40 and is still on top of the game.

Discovered at the tender age of 13, a scruffy teenager from Croydon travelling in New York City – the talent scout from modelling agency Storm crossed path with her at JFK airport, and it was love at first sight.

And the love affair goes on, a successful, hard lived career in the fashion industry that doesn't seem to bend slightly even under the weight of time, with Kate becoming more and more of an icon as years go on.

Perhaps the secret is that she always stayed herself, for as much as self-indulgent, vague, politically un-correct and possibly shallow that may be.

A remarkable influence in style and pop culture, Kate's hugely successful career has brought her to front campaigns for all the established fashion houses the world over, since the 90s.

All the best loved, best known and even the most controversial fashion photographers worked with her, while other kinds of artists captured in other medium: sculpture Marc Quinn had her cast in a gold statue, Lucian Freud painted her nude portrait.

Of herself, Kate also produced her own perfumes, designed clothes for Topshop, contributed to British Vogue as fashion editor. With her £12 million earned each year, she is one of the most relevant women in the UK, and beyond.

But her true power comes from being such an icon, her immortal beauty reflecting the dream,s hopes and fears of the teenage girls who adore her, shining like a goddess from the posters and glossy paper cuts in their bedrooms.

Perhaps the only thing that can prompt some hard feelings towards her is the fact that she never ever took any responsibility for this huge power she has. Being such a powerful icon, a role model for young girls, perhaps it would be so much better for everyone if she could be a little less deluded.

Because to be honest, if you are Kate Moss, a grown up woman and mother of a young girl, and still come out with things like ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’, we may end up thinking that, hey, in the end of the day, you're just a pretty face.


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