Kate hits the big 3-0

Will we ever get bored of Kate Moss? Despite all the scandals, all the boyfriends, all the gazillions of photographs of her tumbling out of taxis, the answer would still appear to be a big resounding ‘NO'. Vogue’s September issue is just about to hit the shelves, and (you guessed right) Miss Moss is on the front – making this her 30th British Vogue cover.

It was a jaw-dropping 17 years ago that Kate made her Vogue cover debut, back in 1993. Even more remarkable is that due to the wonders of a healthy diet, lots of water and regular early-nights (and possibly a tiny touch of the airbrush), she still looks as youthful as ever.

This is Miss Moss’ sixth September issue, proving that she still has enviable fashion clout. For her latest cover she is pictured by Patrick Demarchelier wearing a navy Burberry Prorsum coat, platform boots by Azzedine Alaia and, well, nothing else. Try it yourself next time you’re popping to the supermarket.

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