Karl Lagerfeld's new concept store launches in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld has used Paris Fashion Week to intrigue die-hard fashionistas with his latest project. During the show the German-born designer has unveiled his latest line of watches that will be on sale in his new concept store, launched on the 1st March at 194 Boulevard St Germain, Paris.

The store lies on two floors at over 200sqm (2,150-square feet) and is characterised by a unique décor, inspired by the style of the designer himself, monochrome. The store will sell all of Lagerfeld ready-to-wear collections, Karl,Karl Lagerfeld Paris and Lagerfeld, but it will not be just a standard boutique, inside there will be a selection of accessories, shoes, as well as books, and limited edition items.

Fans will also be able to shop leather goods, bags, sunglasses and Karl's tokidoki, typical Japanese dolls in the shape of the designer that, for the occasion, have lost their bright colours to embrace Lagereld's signature dark style. The particularity of the store stands in its digital facilities, in forms of iPads mini and digital photo-booths to allow customers exclusively preview new collections and a complete product selection through social networks.

In line with such an innovative shopping experience, Karl Lagerfeld has digitally open the doors of his concept store to all of his followers. The opening celebration has been in fact broadcasted online, via the designer's Facebook page and his official website. As a treat to his clients Mr Lagerfeld has also previewed his exclusive next season collection through social media.

We hope to see the launch of a new Karl Lagerfeld concept store in London as well!

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