Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki capsule collection

Karl Lagerfeld had launched a new and exclusive tokidoki capsule collection for this summer, which is unoriginally dubbed, Karl Lagerfeld x Tokidoki.

Simone Legno’s Italian toy brand brand created a figurine to honour the German designer back in 2009, and Kaiser Karl has taken a real shine to his cartoon version.

Last February, for the opening of the first Karl Lagerfeld concept store in Paris, a limited edition of a 25cm figurine of Karl in black vinyl called Mr Black - St Germain Edition was released, and just last month his Tokidoki rendition was used in an online video-game to promote the Je veux les lunettes de Karl, a sunglasses collection.

The Karl Lagerfeld x Tokidoki capsule collection features three look-a-like character figurines of the man himself, with one the them having the designer cuddling his arms, his now famous cat, Choupette.

Choupette, which means sweetie in French, has two maids to tend to its every need – one during the day and one for the night.

The white, blue-eyed cat also owns an iPad, sleeps on discarded Chanel garments and has its own Twitter account, @ChoupettesDiary, which now has more than 30,000 followers.

Choupette is also featured in tokidoki video called the International Adventures of Karl and Choupette, where the pair travel around the world - for those of you who couldn’t live without knowing such fascinating trivia pertaining to the life of Karl Lagerfeld.

The ready-to-wear clothing collection includes t-shirts, shirts, pants and jeggings and a number of accessories, like canvas shoppers , scarves, key chains and iPhone covers.

The collection is now available at Karl Lagerfeld’s concept stores in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris, and exclusively online at Net-A-Porter.com

Talking about being a Tokidoki icon, Lagerfeld has previously said: "I am very flattered that I have become a 'tokidoki'. I always loved them and I am very happy to be one of them."

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