Karl Lagerfeld stars in video game to promote his sunglasses collection

Has anyone ever seen Karl Lagerfeld without his trademark dark sunglasses?

Herr Lagerfeld, Chanel fashion designer, artist and photographer is now daring you to remove his sunglasses, in a brand new video game.

From his cameo role as the host of fictional radio station "K109 – The Studio" in the videogame Grand Theft Auto IV, the German designer has now be transformed into a Tokidoki-style cartoon character, in his very own video game.

The video game is Lagerfeld's way of promoting his latest sunglasses collection through French eyewear distributor Optic 2000.

Optic 2000 is the designer’s exclusive eyewear distributor in France, which sells about 100,000 of his signature optical eyeglasses and sunglasses a year.

The challenge is to remove Lagerfeld’s signature black shades, but the German designer doesn’t make it easy with his lightning fast ninja-like moves – and there’s even a bullet move a la Matrix – and if that isn’t enough, he also enjoys taunting you while you are playing and he'll even yawn in your face out of sheer boredom if you should miss.

Slow down, his cartoon character will tap his foot impatiently, while pretending to take pictures and if you should happen to fail, he’ll tell you, “Karl has no more time for you” and give you the game over.

The video game will be online for a month– it started last Wednesday - and was developed by the agency Buzzman, and gives French residents the chance to win free Lagerfeld sunglasses or limited-edition Tokidoki figurines of the Kaiser himself.

Even you don’t live in France and can’t win one of the prizes up for grabs, you can still play and try your luck with either a computer, tablet or smartphone at jeveuxleslunettesdekarl.com – or buy one of models from the collection via the e–store of Optic 2000 that was launched last year.

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