Karl Lagerfeld Shocks The World

Karl Lagerfeld seems to have taken a dramatic about-turn in his opinions on ‘plus size’ models this week, as Chanel revealed a brand new ad featuring curvy model Crystal Renn.

Of course Renn is, in normal terms, by no means ‘large’ – she is a UK size 14 – and she looks stunning in the new advert, which is designed to promote the re-opening of Chanel’s SoHo store in New York. She tells the Daily Mail 'as long as I’ve been working as a model I’ve been thinking about Chanel and working towards Chanel and this campaign is the proudest moment of my life.’ The article does point out that Crystal is only shot from the waist up, suggesting a certain lack of commitment on Chanel’s part, but it’s still reassuring to know that even a man famed for his icy demeanour and dogmatic opinions can have a change of heart.

Lagerfeld has been outspoken in his views about using larger models in the past - he told a German magazine ‘you've got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly'. A little harsh, perhaps, but then again this is the same man who also said ‘I have no human feelings’, and of course who can forget his immortal line ‘I love the smell of building sites’.

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