Kamik women's boots UK

Kamik Boots are a UK favourite. They have a huge selection of rainboots that people just can't seem to get enough of. Whenever festival season comes around people are dying to get a cool pair or rainboots to keep their feet dry.

In fact, over the last few years they have become somewhat of a fashion statement. You see more and more people wearing wackier designs year after year, Kamik can help you find those perfect boots.

Kamik's home is online (http://www.kamik.com) where they have something for everyone. We are focusing on the women's rainboots today but they also do shoes and boots for both guys and kids.

Kamik actually only have dealers in The States and Canada but don't let that stop you buying. While you cannot buy directly from their website there are many that do stock Kamik and will deliver to the UK. The official Kamik website is the best way to see what's on offer but when it comes to purchasing you will have to go elsewhere.

We found the 'Muck Boots Online' (http://www.muckbootsonline.com/) website to have the best selection and lowest delivery costs. The shipping on a single pair of boots costs only £30 so it really isn't a huge additional expense considering how low cost the boots are.

The come in a huge range of styles and sizes. The women's boots start at size 5 and go right through to a 10. Of course if you need smaller you can hit up the kids section for size 3 and 4.

The Kamik Atrium Kelly boots are the perfect designer style rainboots. Starting at only £40 these boots are both stylish and comfortable, perfect for festival season. They are waterproof, lightweight and made of recyclable materials so you can be stylish while staying green.

Kamik boots are a UK fave, they have a huge selection of rainboots for ladies, guys and kids. Hit them up online and see if they have anything that suits your taste, you won't be disappointed.

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