Alternatives to Kalux hair straighteners

Kalux hair straighteners are made by a boyfriend and girlfriend run company called Kalux professional, which started operation in early 2008 and has not really managed to take off.

Kalux is producing hair straighteners which they hope will rival GHD Straighteners in terms of quality while staying a much cheaper option, but they have not yet managed to get their website (kaluxpro.com) up and running, and continue to work from their MySpace and Facebook sites (myspace.com/kaluxhair and facebook.com/people/Kalux-Hair-Straighteners/100000324736944 respectively).

With that in mind, we have selected some of the best cheap alternatives to Kalux hair straighteners, chosen with price and quality in mind for those customers who feel they need access to a more stable company.

Nicky Clarke NSS028 DesiRED Hair Straightener - £39.97

A Nicky Clarke product, so you know it's going to be good. This great straightener has a super high top temperature of 230 degrees celsius, a really fast heat up time and great heat distribution to its ceramic plates. Buy it for £39.97 from tesco.com (with a £5.00 delivery charge).

Remington S9500 Pearl Ultimate Advance Ceram 230*C Straightener - £47.52

A professional quality hair straightener with a super fast heat up time of just 10 seconds, and a reassuring closedown time of 60 minutes if left unattended to ensure safety. Buy it from amazon.co.uk for this great price.

GHD Classic Mk4 Medium Styler Hair Straighteners G0-4MK - £89

The most expensive hair straightener in our list, made by the market leading company which Kalux aims to rival, GHD. This ultimate all rounder has all you need to create a great variety of hair styles. Buy it from feelunique.com today.

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