Your own personalised boutique from JustFab

If you love shoes, bags, and fashionable accessories, you’ll be amazed at the offerings at JustFab. The online retailer’s 'Coveted Closet' as it is called, is filled with stylish models of footwear, handbags, and accessories. With the help of Style Experts, you’ll be presented with an ensemble of shoes and bags that will match your existing or future wardrobe.

Designer-inspired styles

Just Fabulous or JustFab strives to stay on top of fashion trends so their experts know what’s hot, cool or hip. From simple to elaborate styles, you’ll find an array of fashionable items to suit your taste. Whether you like high end brands or simply adore the latest catwalk trends, JustFab recreates the experience for you at very reasonable prices.

  • How it works

Taking a short quiz is the first step to help in-house experts at JustFab to identify your fashion preference. You’ll get your own personalised boutique filled with suggestions of the latest trends in shoes, bags and accessories. After this, you just have to buy what you like. The biggest drawer is all styles sell for just £35 inclusive of shipping and returns.

  • VIP Programme

After your first purchase, you will be enrolled in the free JustFab VIP Membership Programme. Prices of all styles remain the same and you will get other perks such as easy exchanges, customised picks from stylists and 24/7 Customer Care. If you don’t make any purchases from your personalised boutiques, there is the option to skip it for the current month. When you forget to skip, you can always use the credit for a purchase later on. Each credit can be redeemed for one style valued at £35. Extra options can also be sent to your boutique if you don’t fancy any of the stuff in there.

  • Pay As You Go

Those who are not ready to become VIP members can opt for Pay As You Go with access to an incredible selection of styles costing from £49 to £89 inclusive of free delivery and returns.

Collaboration with fashion brands

JustFab works with some of the best in the fashion industry and as such, collaborates with makers of brand names such as Marc Jacobs, Aldo, Nine West, and Steve Madden. Throughout the year, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne is also available at the shop. Hence, stylish shoes, bags and accessories are assured of the highest quality at an affordable price.

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