About Junior Somerby Tweed Jackets

Junior Somersby is a brand of tweed riding jackets. These jackets are durable, water resistant, and comfortable because of the fairly loose weave of the fabric. Like other brands they use wool tweed and may combine it with silk or other fabrics for added elegance. The Somersby brand in tweed jackets makes these jackets for children and teens, like the Junior Somerby Tweed Jacket. They were inspired by Harris Tweed, Linton Tweed and Bernat Klein. These three fabric houses made British tweed an art form through their creativity.

Throughout history tweed has been woven in Britain, and is considered one of the finest fabrics in the world. Originally it was used for protection from cold weather. In 1890 there was a big change in its popularity among women. It became the work wear of choice for women working in offices. It was tailor made, functional, resistant and most importantly, warm. Today, designers always keep in mind the history of tweed fashion as well as current trends. New designs combine the origins of tweed use with new ideas in the cuts, pockets, buttons, collar, and more. In line with traditional and current fashion trends, Somersby has created the Junior Somerby Tweed Riding Jackets, giving it both elegance and personality.

Over time, tweed manufacturers have had to change their techniques in order to produce new fabrics according to designers’ requests. Using advancements in technology, manufacturers were able to create lighter weight fabrics, new colours, and different blends of yarns. Most importantly, they have taken into account the weather too: tweed is no longer used only during the winter. In the same way, Somersby has requested pure new wool fabric, light enough to be worn year-round, to meet its design needs.

The Junior Somerby Tweed Riding Jacket is designed for girls. It has the elegance of a plush navy velvet collar combined with a perfect cut, which works for all kinds of figures. The combination of colours and button detailing on each cuff further highlight the elegance of this tweed jacket. Slanted flat pockets with zips keep valuable objects safe while adding practical functionality which still looks great. This model is also resistant to water, made from new pure wool fabric with a Teflon coating. The colours available for this model are green herringbone, with pink and canary yellow accents. The sizes range from 56 centimetres to 86 centimetres. You can purchase the Junior Somersby Tweed Riding Jacket from various online shopping websites.

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