July sales 2014: a small guide for big savings

The Midsummer Sales are one of the two mass sales that retailers, big and small, tend to have during the year, the other being Boxing Day – January Sales. They typically start at the beginning of July, also in 2014, that's why they are also known as July Sales, but don't let the name fool you: midsummer sales have been starting earlier in June or even May at times, so keep checking your favourite stores and online retailers for accurate dates.


Aim of the periodical mass sales is to shift all remaining stock in order to make way for the new collections for the upcoming season – in this case, off with spring summer 2014 and welcome fall-winter 2015.

Sales normally start at 50% off the original price tag, however prices will continue to drop – but often so will the quality of the stock! - as the sales get closer to the end.

As usual, standard sizes will be the most popular and the first to sell out, so if you wear anything from 8 to 12 better make sure you get to your favourite stores right at the beginning of the sales.

It is true that the sales are the best way to stock up on new garments, possibly renewing the wardrobe, but it is better to keep in mind that the whole idea is to save up, rather than spend money on something you don't really need or you are never going to wear.

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So don't get tricked by the idea of the bargain: keep in mind what you really like, what you normally wear and ultimately are looking for, and stir away of those items that only attract you because the price tag is so slashed they seem a good deal. After all, no matter how much discount there is, you will still lose money on something you never wear!

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