Jolie values

Angelina Jolie has spoken for the first time about her experience shooting for the new Louis Vuitton campaign in Cambodia. The label announced a few months back that Jolie would be fronting its latest Core Values campaign, which sees celebrities visit locations that have a significant meaning for them. It was in Cambodia that Jolie became a UNHCR goodwill ambassador and adopted her son Maddox.

Jolie says: 'I first came to Cambodia about ten years ago for a film and we were the first film back since the war, so we didn't know quite know what it was going to be like, or what the people were going to be like, and it was the first time I became aware of landmines,' Jolie says. 'I remember standing in the waterfall during one of our shots and they said 'just stay on this side of the waterfall because that side of the waterfall still hasn't been de-mined'. And I thought, as somebody from America, what does that mean, hasn't been de-mined? It's just the craziest, it doesn't cross our mind that all these children, and people walking around these areas, have landmines in the ground and that's just a part of their daily life.'

Watch the official trailer below.

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