Join the Voi Jeans movement

Voi Jeans is a name now synonymous with high quality urban-culture jeans. Their observation of the highest standards in the production process and the strict overseeing of their plants have seen this brand become one of the most sought-after in the fashion industry. Voi has evolved with the fashion trend and offer some of the best designs of urban denim jeans.

Where to Look

As with any fashion brand of note, Voi has their own franchised stores in most major cities. They also distribute their wares to most clothes retailers in the UK. However, it is much easier to find Voi jeans on the Internet, where you can also do quick comparisons of prices from shop to shop. Listed below are some of the online stores where you can check for Voi jeans. Here you can find Voi jeans for men and for women.

  • Voijeans.co.uk
  • Getthelabel.com
  • Jeans.co.uk
  • Republic.co.uk

The Price

Voi jeans typically retail for £55 to £70 depending on the design and the size you desire. Their t-shirts and jerseys go for between £20 and £35. You can visit their site to get pricing information on their other products such as jackets, perfumes and even footballs. As for women’s jeans, £60 could buy you a fabulous pair of skinnys.


These are the official retail prices. If they are a little too steep for you, try browsing through other sites for bargains and discounts. While some online retailers offer free shipping and handling, others charge as much as £6 for delivery within a day. Buy your Voi Jeans today and join the movement.

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