Join the club

We’re heading into party season, folks, and that can only mean one thing – dressing up! There’s never been a better time for outrageous fashion, with artists like Rihanna and Gaga and storming the charts, so take a tip from their wardrobes and invest in some eye-popping ensembles for the winter months.

This season saw clubwear really find its moment in the world of fashion. Designers took inspiration from every corner of nightlife - from the corseted world of burlesque (see Dita Von Teese walking for Jean Paul Gaultier) to in-your-face brightness of rave (a la Giles Deacon’s neon-heavy Spring/Summer 2011 collection).

The good news for us is that it’s never been easier to shop for clubwear – the internet has opened up a bright new world of fishnet, lace and more UV outfits than you could shake a glowstick at. Specialist sites like Sparkling Strawberry have a great range of outfits to suit all tastes and budgets, from fishnet dresses (for the Lady Gaga in everyone) to fabulous evening gowns with some serious Megan Fox-esque sex appeal

So shed off your inhibitions and take a walk on the wild side with some seriously sexy clubwear. Tis (almost) the season to be merry…and a little bit wild!

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