John Lewis summer 2014 women collection

Formal wear gets stylish for the warm season at the John Lewis department stores. The British retailer has released its summer 2014 collection, with new items available each week in store and online.


Take a look at what is new in the John Lewis Summer 2014 collection and you will be impressed by the neat silhouettes, feminine shapes and clean lines, trademarks of a collection of stylish formal wear, where seasonal colours and statement prints bring forward its ultimate contemporary appeal.

In particular, everything in the John Lewis COLLECTION line is smart tailored and versatile, with every garment characterised by that typically John Lewis everyday on-trend aesthetic that transforms any outfit for a woman's everyday duties into a statement of effortless class.

Formal wear but also all the wardrobe staples that you need are here revisited with the hot season 2014 in mind. This is the secret of a stylish collection that aims at transporting you into the most up-to-date trends without losing out on elegance and comfort. For the office, meeting, school runs and evening outing, everything that the modern woman needs to express her femininity and style every day, anywhere.

In the COLLECTION by John Lewis line there are plenty of highlights, items that will stand out and enhance your figure and style throughout Summer 2014 and beyond: featuring class and quality, these are pieces that will make active part of your wardrobe for years to come.

PHOTO GALLERY John Lewis Summer 2014 collection best picks

Tops, dresses, skirts and accessories are the strengths of this collection: everyday formal dresses in gorgeous silk are here revisited thanks to colourful tropical prints on white background, while the classic shell tops with rounded scooped neckline feature on-trend prints for effortless feminine allure. rounded scooped neckline. Elegance, quality and affordability, with prices ranging from £25 to £99 and above.

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