Are you thinking of looking in John Lewis for ski wear?

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It may seem an odd thing to buy at this time of year but many people decide to invest in new ski equipment out of season when there may be sales and discounts around. 

John Lewis stock ski wear from a variety of ranges such as Trespass, North Face and their own brand, and sell a range of different products from hats and gloves to ski jackets and boots. They also have a small selection of the Fat Face brand of surf and ski clothing including undergarments such as t shirts as well as outerwear. Prices for hats start from as low as £5 and there are often special deals on John Lewis ski wear.

Helly Hansen and North Face are probably the most expensive ranges of ski wear stocked by John Lewis but by shopping out of season it is possible to pick up some great bargains as prices are slashed. You could expect to find huge discounts: currently prices are being lowered by over £150 on some top of the range ski jackets though of course this is subject to availability.

Ski wear can be an expensive purchase but buying the right kit is really a great investment in the end. It really makes sense to shop for these things out of season and take advantage of the sale prices. It may mean that you are wearing last year's fashion on the slopes but the advantage of this is that you won't look the same as everyone else.

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