John Galliano sees red

Fashion Week can be a stressful time of year for any designer, particularly the head designer of one of the most important labels in the business. So spare a thought, then, for John Galliano who reportedly lost his temper last night in Paris and ended up hurling abuse at a couple in a bar, and getting whisked away by the police.

According to Reuters, Galliano was drinking in Paris’ fashionable Marais district when the fracas occurred. The cause of the argument is not yet known but we’re guessing it was something pretty serious, if reports that Galliano ended up hurling anti-Semitic insults at the couple, are true. Police escorted Galliano to the station house for a sobriety test and found him to be just over the legal limit but a police source said ‘For the moment we don't know what led him to address the couple’.

Paris is possibly the most important fashion event for any designer, particularly the head of Dior, so the stress levels are sure to be high. Maybe John just needs a nice lavender bath, before the hectic schedule kicks off on Monday. The big question now is whether anyone happened to be recording the altercation…could this be fashion’s Christian Bale moment?

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