Get ready for summer with a Joe Browns swimdress

If you're starting to give some consideration to your summer wardrobe now that the weather has finally started to improve a little, then you're no doubt tearing your hair out in frustration at just how overpriced the whole swimwear market has gotten in the last few years.

As usual, it seems that the clothing that uses the least fabric often turns out to be among the most expensive in the store - a real pain for someone who just wants something light and colourful to wear in the pool or at the beach this summer.

Whether you're planning on swimming or not, you should still be able to feel comfortable and confident this summer in one of the many options from the stunning Joe Browns swimdress collection.

Available at great prices from a wide range of popular stores including Naturally Close (located online at www.naturallyclose.co.uk) and Simply Be (who can be found on the net at www.simplybe.com), the current Joe Brown collection is perfect for women of all body shapes and sizes.

The butterfly print full swimdress available from Naturally Close for £40 features a hidden swimsuit with full control and fixed soft foam cups, in material composed of eighty two per cent nylon and eighteen per cent spandex with fully nylon lining.

Alternatively you could take a look at the equally dazzling beach dress featuring a similar butterfly based pattern, but this time with intricate embroidery and adjustable straps for added comfort. As it's one hundred per cent cotton, you'll feel fresh and free under the summer sun, while looking great, all for just £48 from Naturally Close.

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