Joe Browns: lifestyle dressing with a fresh twist

Joe Browns provides a different experience when it comes to dressing. Claiming to have more than 900,000 customers, the clothing retailer made news for its bold and fuss-free creations combining practicality with an adventurous style. This summer’s collection is a parade of simple yet delectable designs and styles for the warm months. Have a look at what Joe Browns has to offer for men and women when it comes to fashionable pieces.

Summer collection

Joe Browns stresses individual lifestyles and adventures when it comes to fashion dressing. Some of the offerings at JB's include the following:

  • Women’s clothing

Casual tops, coats and jackets, dresses and tunics, footwear, hoodies and sweatshirts, jeans, trousers and shorts, shirts, skirts, vests, and camisoles comprise the range of women’s clothing. Whether it’s a single top you need or a 3-piece set, you’ll find fresh designs and styles in their women’s line. Take the 3-piece tunic and scarf set consisting of a long-sleeved jersey complete with a lace and knit tunic plus matching scarf. Or a flowing Cuban skirt in a coral colour. There are many vibrant coloured camisoles in eye-catching prints and hues as well as gorgeous summer dresses made from linen and cotton.

  • Men’s clothing

The gentleman in need of uncomplicated clothing will like what Joe Browns has to offer. Take a look at the Rock Star Blazer selling for £89.95 or the Nato Forces Jacket for £34.95. For a bit of glamour in the bedroom, you’ll find luxurious bottoms and warm onesies. Casual tops and tees in short and long sleeves are delightful finds as well as modern Gumbies flip flops selling for £19.95.

  • Accessories and gifts

Of course, no outfit is ever complete without the right accessories. At Joe Browns, you will find bags, belts, hats, gloves, scarves and sunglasses to complement a look. Gifts and trinkets such as candles, unique mugs, peppermint tins, cufflinks, vinyl clocks, and even USB hubs are available for purchase.

Take advantage of the sale

If you are in the mood to try out Joe Browns clothing and goods, be sure to browse through their website, joebrowns.co.uk. There is also an online catalogue for a full inventory of clothes and accessories on clearance. Check out the Paradise Paisley Tunic selling for £18.95 or the lavish Sittin’ Pretty Dress for £27.95. For men, the Colourful Stripe Shirt for £21.95 sounds like a great bargain as well as the pair of 2 Colour Pump for £14.95.

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