Jimmy Choo for H&M

Sneak previews of the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection are sending the fashion world into a sChoo shaped tiz. The collection hits shops November 14th and features fancy footwear, clothes and accessories to match. TRIPLE HOT.

Click for a sneak preview of the collection

Shoes - start drooling now - cost from just £30 and include schmokin hot studded peep toes, thigh high boots, patent high heeled gladiators, animal striped ballet pumps and many more. Accessories include Zebra print clutches, studded leather belts and bracelets, faux-fur gilets, and a pink plastic clutch that looks like a sunglasses case, only a lot lot sexier.

Clotheswise, it's understated evening-ware meets Eighties glam. A grey suede, one shouldered dresses oozes chic, while jumpsuits, studded leggings, and fringed, sparkly dresses up the evening ante. Menswear includes ankle boots, woolly cardies and leather biker jackets.

We're first in line for a pair of zebra print ballerinas. Get in our way, risk our wrath!

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