Jimmy Choo 2013 Spring and Summer sandal collection

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Jimmy Choo shoes are among the most lusted after by women and his 2013 Spring and Summer sandal collection is bright, sexy and as hot as this summer’s temperatures.

The renowned shoe designer’s 2013 S/S collection includes fabulous high heeled sandals, but also flat sandals and wedges for those women who want the height, but just not with stilettos.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Jimmy Choo 2013 Spring and Summer sandal collection - Photo Gallery

We’ll start with Choo’s Leja model. This silhouette is a flat thong style and features a closed back like the popular gladiator models, and Leja has patent leather straps that close around your ankle, with two buckles on the side.

Leja is available in two bright neon colors, yellow and fuchsia, but also in metallic gold and a taupe lizard print that are perfect for any occasion.

Another flat sandal is the Trophy. This simple and stunning silhouette has a delicate T strap and ankle strap, and is inspired by the ‘70s, and comes in raspberry or black suede or in leather in a light and metallic bronze hue.

If you like the Leja silhouette, but prefer it with high heels, Choo has fulfilled your wish, as he has the Lance patent leather sandal, that features a 4.5 inch heel and this particular model is also part of the CHOO 24:7 icon collection.

Lance is available in many more colors than Leja, like black, yellow, raspberry, viola (which is purple in Italian), bright red, orchid pink and nude, but also metallic, like gold, bronze and silver for evening wear.

If you love wedges, we'll have to warn you that a recent poll from CouponCodes4u.com, revealed that the women’s shoe trend that men despised the most were wedges.

71 percent of the men surveyed voted wedges as the least most attractive footwear style, followed by UGGs and Crocs – but obviously none of these guys have never seen Jimmy Choo’s Inka, Token, Brook and Pixel models.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Jimmy Choo 2013 Spring and Summer sandal collection - Photo Gallery

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