Jill Scott : launches Butterfly Bra

In certain situations having big bangers can be an advantage - in everyday life however, they're just another weight on the long list of things to cart around...

Cue soul singer Jill Scott, (who herself has enormous breasts and confesses to often wearing two bras at once in order to keep them in line) and The Butterfly Bra.

The Butterfly Bra (so called because it is shaped like a butterfly) redistributes weight from the shoulder to the back area - all but eliminating shoulder pain. The shoulder straps and cups are also filled with a comfortable gel in a bid to combat chafing.

Scott describes herself as having a 'fuller figure' and claims her Butterfly Bra is the only over the shoulder boulder holder on the market to not have buckled under the full weight of her chest.

"I've been around the world and I've had bras made in different places, and each time I'm experiencing the same troubles: the painful shoulders, the underwire cutting into my flesh. It just wasn't conducive to being a sizable woman or an ample woman."

The bra has so far been launched by Ashley Stewart Stores, and sizes start at 38DD. Beestings not allowed.

Jill plugs her Butterfly Bra.

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