Take a look at the Jewellry Quarter in Birmingham

Cobbled streets, historic architecture and the coolest bars and restaurants, the Jewellry Quarter in Birmingham is the place to be. And yet this charming corner of the biggest city in the Midlands also retains an artisan feel from its metalworking background. With dozens of jewellery makers producing earrings, wedding bands, broaches and more, there is a chance to find bargains in the Jewellery Quarter.

The Jewellery Quarter is still a thriving centre for jewellery making today, with over 40% of all jewellery produced in the UK made right here on your doorstep. With bracelets, rings, pendants and the finest necklaces produced by small scale artisans and experts, or coming out of the most prestigious design houses, there is plenty on offer.

For more contemporary designs, shoppers are advised to visit the likes of Artfull Expression, a store that showcases the best in modern jewellery from the likes of Anna de Ville and Lora Leedham.

Alternatively the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter exhibits artefacts from the very beginning of Birmingham's jewellery tradition, right up to cutting designs from today. With a well stocked gift shop on site, this is also a place to pick up some bargain deals.

If you would prefer to chance your hand at an auction, and trade with some of the top dealers in the country, Fellows and Sons hold weekly auction sales. With over a century of experience, Fellows and Sons specialise in pocket and wrist watches, antique jewellery, second hand items as well as silverware and porcelain. With a keen eye and a steady nerve, you could make a mint down at this auction house.

So there are plenty of opportunities to purchase some splendid pieces down in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. If you need a special piece for a special person, or are a collector, this really is the place to come.

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