Jessica Rabbit's Vogue cover

S&M-loving, pop singing sensation Rihanna has hit the fashion big-time by scoring her first cover for US Vogue.

Shot by legendary photographer Annie Liebovitz, Rihanna looks stunning in an embroidered sheer Chanel dress standing against a bright blue sea for the magazine’s 10th annual shape issue. Back in January she tweeted: ‘Just wrapped my first American Vogue cover shoot with Annie Leibovitz… Rah! #SEX’. Luckily she managed to conceal her excitement in the photograph, opting for an expression of seductive boredom – she somehow reminds us of a mermaid who’s been interrupted attempting to relieve an itch by rubbing herself against a glass wall. Or something.

Luckily for RiRi, with her bright red Jessica Rabbit hairdo and her uncanny ability to look good in pretty much every photo she’s in (and probably even the ones she’s not), it all works very well. Anna Wintour sure does know how to pick ‘em.

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