Jean Paul Gaultier to create kids couture with $1,200 price tag

Jean Paul Gaultier is well known for his haute couture, his range of fragrances and even as a TV personality from Euro Trash but one thing he is less well known for is producing kid’s clothes. Back in 2009 Gaultier did launch his first kid’s collection. It was a non-couture collection and is still running with the Autumn Winter 2013 collection currently available themed on urban jungle - denim, black jackets, tulle skirts and camouflage pieces.

However, Gaultier is taking his kids creations to the next level as he has now introduced a new collection called Junior Gaultier Couture. Of course the notion of couture for kids seems absolutely outrageous for some. Kids grow at an enormous rate and are not exactly known for keeping clothes clean.

Gaultier will be launching his new collection for Spring 2014. He first introduced the notion of his plans at his Spring 2013 show when he surprised onlookers as four mini models emerged from underneath a model’s bridal attire. They were sporting neon coloured gowns, inspired by the Adult Spring 2013 couture collection and it is now known that they are to be the first piece of the new kid’s couture collection.

Of course the dress is every little girls dream. In true Princess style the dress comprises of a tulle skirt, with silk bodice t-shirt style top and is embellished with Swarovski crystals which allegedly takes more than sixty hours to put together. In promotional imagery the dress is teamed with patent leather combat boots.

Before you rush out to purchase your little girl a brand new dress for the new year take a deep inhalation of breath before you read the price tag. The dresses will be offered to customers at $1,200. It is understood only 90 of the designs have been produced in ages ranging from 4 to 14 years and will only be offered in bright pink or white. It can be assumed that pieces from the collection will be worn by only the most privileged of children – probably some celebrity offspring – so don’t expect to be seeing any kids turning up to nursery or the next birthday party wearing one!

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