Jason Fails to Wu

He hit the sartorial jackpot after Michelle Obama wore his design to the Inauguration Ball and thereafter made Jason Wu her dress maker du jour, but let's hope that Mich missed NY Fashion Week, as the 26 year old's collection has been widely panned.

The LA Times condemned the clothes as 'a case of outsized ambition. On the one hand, menswear-inspired separates strayed too far from the designer's comfort zone. On the other, couture-inspired Chantilly lace ball gowns (some with padded hips) overwhelmed his tiny, poorly lit runway.' Perhaps the runway was badly lit to hide the designs, but anyway... The New York Times was equally damning: 'the evening dresses — bubbles, trapezes, ’50s frocks with poufs and growths of silk — were one of those weird runway surprises that make you look down at the floor, which unfortunately was covered in pink wall-to-wall.'

Jason, we're sure that Michelle will stick by you, just don't be surprised if she steers clear of the lace ball gowns with padded hips. Not ideal for embassy dinners...

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