January sales: where to go

With the festive holidays nearly over, we anticipate another event: January sales are on, where to go is a great question for the best bargains and finds can save you tons of precious money and time. Look and feel great anytime when you have a stash of incredible wardrobe and accessories in your closets for daily or special events.

Places to stop by

January sales starts, knowing where to go can be a bit confusing with all signs pointing to sales and inventory clearance everywhere. Here are some places where you can make good deals.

  • Department stores

Debenhams, Top Shop, Asus are just a few of the places where you definitely have to go with prices slashed by as much as 70%. As with all sales taking place, getting there will be a hassle and it is a pain to jostle with the crowds for a coveted dress or accessory you’re after. But, take it this way. This is a good time to get those outfits and accessories you thought were too expensive at their regular prices.

  • High-end stores and boutiques

Believe it or not, every store wants to get rid of winter inventory to make way for the next season's collection. High end stores such as Harrods, John Lewis, Selfridges, and exclusive boutiques will also do clearance sales on select items. Harrods has outstanding items you'll surely love such as the Johann Dreyfuss Johan Bag down to £429 from £775. You might also like the Love Moschino jumper at half price.

  • Internet shopping

Rather than go to the high street, most people prefer to stay at home and do their shopping online. With the digital age, more consumers are opting for the convenience of shopping at home whether it’s on clearance or not. If you don’t mind the less than festive atmosphere, you can just shop till you drop and expect your packages at your doorstep.

For example, Jeffrey Campbell Bourbon Boots are going for half their original price at Office while an Alexander McQueen dress starts at £815.5 at Liberty. A fan of Stella McCartney creations? Head over there for some great finds such as the Stella McCartney Baroque Blazer or Skirt. If you're dying for a Marni Shirt Dress, Liberty is also selling them now for £542.5.

Farfetch is selling a Prounza schouler wrap skirt at a reasonable price while you can get your hands on a pair of Valentino suede loafers at Harvey Nichols.

Investment for your money

It’s very easy to get carried away with the low prices during sales. Instead of spending cash on something you are not likely to use, have a serious look at what will carry you through this winter and on to the next season. Although upscale brands are still pretty pricey even with steep discounts, think of it as a serious investment, of having something that will take you through seasons and beyond. Take advantage of January sales and know where to go.

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