Check out offerings from Jamie Laing Candy Kittens shop

Jamie Laing, one of the stars of the successful show, Made in Chelsea has added another trophy to his collection. With the opening of Jamie Laing Candy Kittens Shop, the reality TV show has definitely followed in the success of his entrepreneurial grandfather, Alexander Grant. Find out what you can get from this cool confectionery shop.


The concept of Jamie Laing Candy Kittens shop was first pitched to bankers as Laing was trying to secure funds for his new entrepreneurial activity. It was a hard sell for the reality star, but he eventually got it off the ground.

The Candy Kittens shop is based on the idea of a fashionable sweets company combining fashion and confectionery together. In short, candy is fresh, cool and young.

What you can buy

  • Candies

Hard and gummy candies are available at the Candy Kittens Shop. Enjoy delicious Candy Kittens PopPack which are strawberry flavoured lollies emblazoned with the CK logo, ‘YEABOI’, and ‘PARTY.’ The pack costs £10.

If you love gummy candy, then try several flavours which are unbelievably yummy flavours such as the Apple and Elderflower Selection Box (£10), Peaches and Cream Selection Box (£10), Eton Mess (£3), Apple and Elderflower (£3), Sour Watermelon (£3) and Peaches and Cream (£3).

  • Clothing and accessories

Confectionery is not the only thing you can enjoy at Candy Kittens Shops, you can also buy fashionable clothing for girls and guys such as tops, sweatshirts, knits and bottoms. Take the casual ‘I’m a Candy Kitten T-Shirt’ that sells for £24. For outdoor events, consider the ‘Laing 13 Raglan’ sweatshirt selling for £27.

In addition to clothing and candy at the Jamie Laing Candy Kittens Shops, you can also buy cute accessories such as a Candy Beanie costing £15 and a Pink Bobble Hat for £10. Jewellery lovers will also be glad to know there are kitten necklaces for sale in addition to key rings and tote bags, stationery and luggage.

Where to buy Candy Kitten sweets

From the moment it began, three pop up Candy Kittens Shops in London and Leeds were launched. Today, you can get your sweet treats, clothing and accessories at Harvey Nichols or order online at the official website of Jamie Laing Candy Kittens Shop, candykittens.co.uk. There is a delivery charge of £3.50 per order.

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