Jalou D&G phone

Gasp and swoon; the first advert for the Sony Ericsson Jalou D&G edition is out. The 2 inch clamshell mobile is 'shorter than your favourite lipstick' and does things your ordinary gimmickey fashion phone doesn't. Like help you lose weight - an inbuilt WalkMate step counter ensure you clock up the kilometres when walking and talking, or make sure you look hot - the touchscreen turns into a mirror at the tap of a finger.

Just like Gucci, who designed their latest Eyeweb collection with the social media generation in mind, the Jalou phone is packed to the hilt with D&G content; from clips to runway shows to backstage action and sneak peaks at upcoming trends. While the rose coloured handset isn't quite as foxy as the LadyDior, it's all the more desirable for its dedication to understated chic. The bling box is ticked by way of a 24 carat gold casing.

Enough chatter, check out the stylevert below.

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