Jailbird chic

If Sonia Rykiel's new collection features hot pink tops teamed with lemon and white striped pantaloons, you'll know where she pinched the idea - Oklahoma jail. Prisoners at the US clink have been given a new uniform in jazzy colours in a bid to stop them escaping. The fact that the outfit is in this summer's pastel shades, is merely a happy accident, according to officials at the jail.

Undersheriff Rhett Burnett boasted, 'We want our inmates to be identifiable. If one of them slips over the wall, we want to know about it right away.'

However, Attorney Fred Shaeffer thinks that pastels = maximum embarassment, 'There's no doubt in my mind that the intent was to humiliate them. A lot of innocent people get arrested and go through that jail, and everyone is supposed to be presumed innocent until they are found guilty. It's bad enough to be arrested, but to then be humiliated by having to wear a costume like that is wrong.'

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