Jade's disco diamonds

When you think about Jade Jagger, what's the first image that pops into your head? A feckless trustafarian lounging about in Ibiza? A glamorous party with Kate Moss et al? Well Jade's channelled these images as inspiration for her latest jewellery collection, which revolves (geddit?) around the image of the disco ball. Let Jade explain...

Jagger told Vogue The mirror ball has been an important symbol for me throughout my life. It feels like it has been above me reflecting every decade - from the Seventies in New York to today, where I have one hanging above my swimming pool in Ibiza. I feel like the diamonds and disco balls share a mutual feeling of glamour and celebration.' Yep, way to make us all feel poor and unglamorous, Jagger...

Jade also explained how she likes to wear diamonds, 'I love mixing diamonds with casual clothes and not being too obvious. For me, there is nothing better than diamonds glistening on the beach. I wear a lot of my own label but also mix it with Lanvin, YSL and Alaia. And I always love a few layers [of jewellery], but the pieces also stand strong on their own.'

Um, is there a diffusion line, Jade?

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